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Primitive Tags are the hot new collectible. People are using them to dress up their dolls, bags of fixens, in scrapbooks, and more. We have made it very easy for you to make your own tags without all the hassles of dying your tags, rubber stamping them, etc. And best of all they are FREE!! Just print and cut out! It's so easy and they are so neat! Below are a couple samples of how we used our printable tags. The possibilities are endless! We hope you enjoy!

Ginger Annie by Hickory Hollow Primitives. Electric Candle by Vicki's Country Candles.

Save the graphics to your computer. Print off on brownish color cardstock, then cut out. We like to crinkle up ours to give it that aged look. Punch a hole, then take string, homespun, jute, etc. and use it to hang them onto your items. These are also great to use in scrapbooking as they can be as thin or as thick as you like, depending on what weight cardstock you use.

Tags shown much smaller then actual size. Click on image for larger size. They can be resized as needed.

Tags may be used on items for your own personal use or for profit. You may print the tags and sell them, but please do not sell the actual graphics.


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