Paint Your Room Like A Pro With These Expert Tips

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or are looking to spruce up your current interior walls with paint, you must first plan your approach. Painting your home has many benefits. Painting increases the value of your property. Fresh paint will cover any scratches, marks, or stains. Painting is the most affordable way to renovate your home. And lastly, new paint protects your walls and other surfaces.


Painting Tools

  • Tape – Using painters tape is a great way to tape off trim and celings. if you are the creative type and want to try creating stripes, then this tape will make the job much easier.
  • Drop Cloth – Its important to protect your floors and furniture with a drop cloth. This will save you a lot of clean up time later.
  • Paint Tray – Try to find one that holds a gallon can to reduce time refilling the tray over and over.
  • Paint Rollers – Many options are available with paint rollers to either cover a large space or tight corners.
  • Ladder – Resist using an unstable chair. Be safe and get a good ladder to reach those high spaces.


Top tips for choosing paint colors

  • Consider the mood your want to create in the chosen room. If its a bedroom, you may want a softer paint. If its a child’s room, you may prefer a more bright, exciting paint color.
  • The room’s lighting will have a major impact on the tone of the paint color and how it appears.
  • Test drive your paint color on a poster board or part of the wall.
  • Consider how the paint will flow with your existing room furniture and other items.


Painting techniques

  • Always paint from dry to wet
  • Hold the paint brush narrow to achieve a crisper line
  • Cutting In is a technique where you paint part of a corner or around the trim with a 2-inch angled brush.
  • To paint your baseboards, let the wall paint dry overnight. Tape the baseboards and apply paint with an angled 2-inch brush.
  • To clean excess paint, lubricate a single-edged razor blade with glass cleaner and gently scrape.


Top paint colors

Gray is a timeless paint color. Choose one with warm undertones for your kitchen or home office. A great shade for any interior room is a dark chocolate. It also pairs nicely with woods and textiles. Pastel palettes from the 80s are making a comeback with colors like purple, green, aqua, and pink. Lastly in 2015, olive green is another popular choice for kitchens. The shade is warm and organic.





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